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Other web sites about Stan Barstow

Britannica entry on Stan Barstow
Not that there's very much there.

Wikipedia on Stan Barstow

Second hand books
probably the best source of second-hand books on the Internet - my personal favourite. I've added a link to ABE to all the book pages to do a single-click search. (This site is affiliated to, and I earn a small percentage if you buy books via these links.)
also an excellent source of second hand books.
is always worth a look.

Films, TV programs and radio plays

The Internet Movie Database
if you can't find out about a film here, it probably can't be found anywhere.
Radio Plays
This is Nigel and Alison Deacon's wonderful resource about radio plays; it includes a section about Stan Barstow's radio plays.

Obituaries and other tributes to Stan Barstow on the web

Martyn Bedford
The novelist remembers his time sharing a stage with Stan

Other miscellaneous links

Reader's Paradise
a forum for people who love reading.
The Literature of Paul Gallico
My other "Literature of..." site.
Neil Barstow is Stan Barstow's son; he is a colour management consultant, and this is his (very interesting and nicely put together) website.
Xenu's Link Sleuth
A nice, free, link checker.

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